"Wikyslavery" is a piece of net art that exploits real-time computational algorithms to introduce misleading data into unspecified Wikipedia entries, constructing a consistent stream of transformed content.

This installation aims to provoke, disturb, and engage Wikipedia's dedicated volunteers by occupying their time, as they undertake the task of manually rectifying errors incorporated by the algorithm. This creation is not simply about manipulating digital data; it carries an embedded message questioning the reliability of sources and the vulnerability of online platforms.

Wikipedia has been regarded as one of the primary sources for training Artificial Intelligence (AI), and this artwork remarkably plays with the concept of 'tainted learning.' By injecting erroneous information, "Wikyslaver" seeks not only to influence the content that volunteers view and correct but also subtly impacts the way AI perceives, learns, and understands the world.

"Wikyslavery" serves to throw light on the intricate relationship between human and machine learning, emphasizing the machine's dependence on its human counterparts for the correct interpretation of information, even when this human element is prone to errors and manipulation.


2023 - Con.Divisione 12 Art Residency