Disco is a Euclidean delay plugin featuring segmented audio signals into delay lines with rotational capabilities. This rotation, either tempo-synchronized or manually controlled, allows for the creation of new rhythmic patterns and unique sonic manipulations by altering sound movement over time.


→ Euclidean Delay Lines

Splits audio into up to 16 delay lines with rotational capabilities for new rhythms.

→ Tempo-Synchronized Rotation

Aligns rotation with the beat, crafting distinct rhythmic patterns.

→ Manual Rotation Control with Mapping

Allows manual adjustment of rotation, which can be mapped for interactive control.

→ Independent Line Rotation

Enables each delay line to rotate separately, offering intricate sound designs.

→ Global LFO and Settings

Provides a global LFO and diverse settings for achieving varied outcomes.

→ Pan and Amp Control

Offers the ability to adjust the pan and amplitude for each delay line, allowing for detailed spatial and dynamic shaping.


Ableton Live 11.1 or later. Max 8.2.2 or later.

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Beta testers ❤︎

Devi Tensione


Francesco Piro

Marco Caricola

Kreuz Cassidy

Luca Longobardi

Alessio Mastrolillo