Freesound4live 2.5 is a Max for Live device that integrates seamlessly with Ableton Live, offering a direct bridge to the vast sound library of This tool allows for an intuitive user experience, enabling musicians and producers to browse, search, listen to, and download a plethora of unique sounds without leaving their creative workspace.


→ Direct Integration with

Allows users to access the extensive library of directly within Ableton Live.

→ Browse and Search Functionality

Users can easily browse through and search for specific sounds within the collection without leaving Ableton.

→ Preview Sounds

Enables the previewing of sounds before downloading, ensuring the right choice for your project.

→ Download and Import

With a simple click, selected sounds can be downloaded and directly imported into your Ableton Live project.

→ User-Friendly Interface

The newly revamped interface is designed to be more intuitive, making sound discovery and integration a seamless experience.


Ableton Live 11.1 or later. Max 8.2.2 or later.

Download the manual